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Who are we?

We are wedding and event planners in La Hacienda Cancun. We are Intermediaries between the Client and various companies and suppliers of catering, decoration, music, entertainment, artistic activities, SPA, etc. We have a customer service team and we cooperate with the suppliers of the region in the facilities owned by our company.

Our goals

We want to provide you with assistance in making up the best hotels and travel websites including the most demanding needs of our customers.

Our philosophy is a friendly website linked to our travel agency Destino Mexico SA de CV, which offers the best guaranteed rates for hotels and other tourist service facility in Mexico.

Our main goal is facilitate choice and reservations among the many hotels and tourist sites to our customers. We are looking forward to make your trip, whether for business or pleasure, perfectly organize.


The lowest prices on the market

Viajes Destino Mexico S.A de C.V ensures stability of a fixed price with a customer relating to hotels and other tourism services and other terms determined at the time of booking.

No fees, no extra charge

Our reservation service that offers our company Viajes Destino Mexico S.A de C.V is completely free, thanks to the agreements that we have been able to negotiate with the hotels and the others companies offering tourist services. Our suggested price does not require any additional fees or commissions.

Guarantee Policy

We guarantee that from the time of booking by the customer, will be electronically initiated action to back it up. Our company reserves the right to five days to confirm the booking, in case that the hotel proposed by the client or the body offering tourist services, will not have the available capacity in the specific dates, we will find an alternative to the same-standard and price. If the customer does not match the possible options has the right to withdraw the reservation and refund 100% of the money.

Terms & Conditions

The quoted terms and conditions apply to all services, whatever direct and indirect services, provided to the customer. Our company reserves the right to change these terms at any time, but we will react immediately, depending on the amount received from the customer.

Customers through our website or any applications available on our online platforms, making reservations, acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood the terms and conditions laid out below: website content and online services offered are owned by Viajes Destino Mexico S.A de C.V However, this information can be used by both private clients and intermediaries: brokers, wholesalers, and any other person while observing the following conditions.

  1. Our services

Our website is an online platform through which hotels and others affiliated with the centre’s can present their offers in the form online. The reservation made by the customer has a status of the contract between the client and the hotel or other tourist service. Viajes Destino Mexico S.A de C.V is only mediator between the client and the hotel or other tourist sites. Both the price, location and details of services form the basis of information that has been proposed by the individual hotel or other tourist unit.

Hotels and travel services have the obligation to inform us on pace with changes in the tariffs specified standards. On our website customers can find all necessary information and specific dates in which the rooms or any travel service will be available. Hotels and tourist sites bear any responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information that appears on this website.

Online booking service provided by Viajes Destino Mexico S.A de C.V can be used by both consumers and intermediaries (and any other person other than an individual customer) and other persons entitled to the sale of goods based on the content of the website However, any use of the given page in commercial or commercial ways must be approved in writing by our company.

  1. Prices

All prices on our website include the price of a single room for a full-time for one person. For other travel websites all prices include taxes, regardless of the changes that have been made except those that were known and approved at the time of booking after the relevant payment. You will receive confirmation by email or will call you to ensure you that your confirmation has be made successful.

Any changes that may appear on the website are for reference only due to constant changes in exchange rates.

Client should select on our website module indicating payment in Pay Pal mode depending on the exchange rate.

One of our main goals is to offer the customer the lowest possible prices for hotels and accommodation, therefore, if a customer finds a cheaper option in the hotel’s same-standard for 5 days prior to the reservation undertake the re-negotiated price will be equal to that found by client.

  1. Accommodation

All hotels associated with our office offers direct service hotel rooms on the highest international level. Hotels in Mexico are required to meet official quality control, which are held by the following government bodies: the Secretariat of Tourism, and Economic Secretariat (General Office of Consumer Affairs):

NOM-01-TUR-2002: Complaints about companies offering travel services, accommodation, travel agencies, food and beverages and the company’s systems, Travel Services.

NOM-06-TUR-2000: Requirements for health and safety must be met by suppliers of tourism services in the camps and farms.

NOM-07-TUR-2002: Normative elements liability insurance, tourist service providers must engage the safety and security of tourists or visitors.

NOM-010-TUR-2001: Requirements to be included in the contracts drawn up by tourist service providers with users-tourists.

  1. Privacy

Our company is committed to maintain strict confidence and not to disclose information about customers, except those needed for hotel booking. However, we reserve the right, to the left of this information in our database for future promotions and discounts offered to our customers in Mexico and other countries, as long as the customer accepts a check box on our website

  1. Free service

Services provided by our company does not have any costs associated with making a reservation. We do not charge additional fees, commissions and other costs related to customer’s credit card for any additional reason.

  1. Guarantee Policy

Our company guarantees that the client after making electronic book will receive its confirmation. However, our company reserves the right to ensure that for a period of five calendar days from the reservation made by the customer, both for hotels and other tourist services (tour operators, restaurants) in the case of non-availability of certain terms and conditions, propose an alternative at the same time, category and within the same price conditions specified by the customer. You have the right resignation of the alternative, cancel the booking and receive in return 100% of the deposit made earlier.

  1. Confirmation

Client after the electronic book will receive an email from us it is an evidence of payment and confirmation, with all data relating to the booking: destination, date of arrival and departure taxes. The customer can receive any commercial e-mail news and special packages if it accepts checking this on our website

  1. Cancellation

Using the service by the customer, is the acceptance of all conditions set out in this agreement, including the terms and conditions of redemption and “no show” (where the client does not appear in the hotel), and any other additional conditions on the reservation and payment.

The conditions for cancellation and does not appear in the show, are available to the customer in every hotel and on our website

If the client wishes to change or cancel your reservation, should do so by e-mail, following the given instructions. It should be borne in mind that we charge a certain fee for this process, including the case of “no show”. In principle cancellation is as follows:

  •         A) If the customer wants to give up to 30 calendar days or more prior to the date of entry into force of the book, you may obtain a refund of all money paid.
  •         B) If a customer wants to cancel bookings made from 29 to 15 calendar days before the date of entry into force of the book, is entitled to reimbursement of 50% of all money paid.
  •         C) If a customer wants to cancel the 14 to 8 calendar days before the date of entry into force of the book is entitled to reimbursement of 25% of all money paid.
  •         D) If a customer wants to cancel the 7 calendar days or less before the date of entry into force of the book is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid.
  1. Responsibility

Our company is only responsible for violations resulting from failure to meet the terms and conditions and changes in the amount paid for the reservation. However, our company nor its directors, employees or agents shall be liable for problems caused by unforeseeable circumstances or unpredictable actions.

Hotels and tourist sites they are responsible for providing the services assigned to them and to provide the customer the appropriate stay in place under the standard has been confirmed.

  1. Trademarks, trade names and copyrights

Make our company Viajes Destino Mexico SA de CV and any others that are used on the website and slogans, trade names, designs and projects of our organization, are protected by Mexican and international regulations on industrial property and can not be used, reproduced or copied without the written permission of our company.

Similarly, software upgrades and all sorts of electronic network used applications or used on our website are protected by Mexican law on copyright and intellectual property and prohibited the total or partial use for any purpose, including private activities, commercial, non-profit or even free, without the prior written consent of the owner.

  1. Jurisdiction

Services provided by Viajes Destino Mexico S.A de C.V through the website subject to the jurisdiction of civil and procedural rights, according to the state of Quintana Roo, due to our registered address and make impossible at the moment and in the future for any reason to go into jurisdiction to another resort.